Faith, Fitness, & Resilience: Rising Stronger in 2024 with Faith League

Faith, Fitness, & Resilience: Rising Stronger in 2024 with Faith League

Goodbye 2023! For my family it was a year of trials and transformations.  We are excited to embrace 2024 with renewed stamina, faith, and a fresh collection of t-shirt designs and colors. Unexpectedly, on Father’s Day weekend my husband was placed on life support and on July 4th of 2023, a day after my birthday, he passed away. It was a defining moment for me and my children. It taught us the real strength that lies in faith and perseverance. It also reminded us how short life is and that we can’t take it for granted.  I have chosen to be more purposeful living in the moment and showing my love to those in my life while I can.  This post is not just a reflection but a celebration of resilience and hope. 

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Chapter of Resilience: Not only did my husband pass away, but the same day my son was in a car accident, which required him to receive medical treatment and go to physical therapy.  During this time they found 6 cysts on his kidneys.  A week after my husband passed away, our cat died in my arms as me and my youngest son Izaiah sat with him.  Then towards the end of the year I lost one of my good friends and sisters in Christ to Cancer.  

It seemed like life was trying to take me out. I felt depressed and struggled to get up each day.  I struggled with how to navigate my children’s grief at the same time as dealing with mine… But God. He kept showing up and showing out in the midst of these storms and gave me the strength to continue on each day.  

Grief and Healing: I had never experienced the kind of grief that I did upon losing my husband.  It was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt.  I have never been a person who shows much emotion, but after he passed the grief would come in waves.  One minute I would be fine and the next minute I was bursting into tears. It usually happened at what seemed the worst times – at a tire shop trying to get a new tire for my truck, in Wal-mart, while I was driving, or watching cartoons with my son.  When I started crying in Wal-mart, Izaiah told me, "It's okay mommy, let it out.  God is catching each tear and saving it in a bottle."  Izaiah's joy and faith in God has helped so much.  I never know when the grief is going to hit, but when it does it’s like a bag of bricks hitting me in the stomach.  To help in the healing process I started therapy and joined Kate’s Club with my son.  Kate’s Club is a program for children and their caregivers who have lost a loved one. It has helped him in the process of grief tremendously.  I don’t try to hide my grieving from my kids. I cry openly in front of them, and we talk about my husband regularly and share memories of him with each other. We watch videos of him and laugh. For Christmas we decorated our tree in all blue in memory of my husband because that was his favorite color.  

Faith and Fitness as Pillars: God sent people to help me during this season.  A new friend to help distract me and Izaiah and get us out. To help me smile when all I wanted to do was cry.  My church family stepped up and came to my aid in an unexpected way.  I am so appreciative of all they have done for me and my family.  My mother was the biggest help of all.  She flew from Colorado to Mississippi to come sit in the hospital with me and my boys while I stayed there with my husband and then she came back home with me to Georgia after his funeral to help around the house.  Having a support system made such in difference during this challenging time.   

I struggled with my walk with God after my husband and friends’ death.  I didn’t understand why He took them and why they didn’t receive a miracle.  I had questions about how He chooses to receive miracles.  But, I chose to keep my eyes on Him and realize that His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).   

I decided to focus on the peace He gave me and the idea that they are in a better place and no longer in pain.  I thank God for my spiritual resilience.  I strived to stay on track with my spiritual disciplines and completed bible plans in the Bible App, continued to pray, fast and journal.  My faith has continued to grow. God helped us with my husband’s healthcare while he was in the hospital (he lost his job shortly prior to being in the hospital and had no medical insurance) and providing him with hospice care in a beautiful place with wonderful caregivers, he helped provide for us financially, and blessed my husband with a beautiful homegoing service.  God gave me a peace that surpassed all understanding and guarded my heart and mind in Jesus Christ (Phil. 4:7).   He truly blessed me and my family more than I could have imagined or thought possible.  

I also, focused on working out and using the gym as a source of therapy and release of the pain I was carrying.  It wasn’t easy.  I missed a lot of days at the gym and my eating habits weren’t the best, but I continue to aim for consistency and balance in my personal growth journey.   I started out going to the gym and lifting light.  If I wasn’t motivated or struggling to get through a workout I would substitute exercises for easier ones or do less sets or lighter weight.  Some days I would just sit in the steam room or shorten the amount of cardio in my workout.  Some weeks I only worked out 3 or 4 days versus my usual 5 days a week.  My goal was to make it each day to get in the habit of going back consistently and I worked my self back up to regular weight and reps continuing with progressive overload.   

I gave myself the grace to grieve.  If I didn’t want to do anything I wouldn’t or I would do what felt achievable even if I felt like it was less than my best.  I didn’t push myself too much.  Some days I would drag along and do the bare minimum and celebrated being able to get myself out of bed.  I incorporated some self-care and went and got a facial and my nails and toes done. I focused on my son and trying to do fun things with him to keep his mind distracted and make it easier.  At the end of July just before school started, I took my son on a cruise to the Bahama’s.  He was nervous to go back to school because everyone would be asking what he did all summer, and we spent most of it in the hospital.  The cruise gave him something else to focus on and talk about when he went back.  It was nice to see him have a good time and have a smile on his face (I struggled to make it through this cruise, I really didn’t want to be there, but it was worth it to see the smile on his face).  

little boy with arms outstretched on cruise ship

New Beginnings in 2024: I am excited for 2024 and believe that this year will bring blessings, growth, and restoration.  We trust that God’s hand will touch every aspect of our lives, even when His presence might feel distant.  

Our vision at the Faith League continues to be the same as when we started: “To inspire and empower individuals to integrate faith, fitness, and community through fitness and sports. We aim to create a positive and inclusive environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to strengthen their physical and spiritual well-being. Through our services, we strive to promote excellence, character development, and teamwork, while giving glory to God in all that we do." 

We’re excited to introduce new t-shirt designs and colors in the first quarter of this year. These designs are a reflection of our journey—faith, fitness, and resilience. We can't wait to share them with you.  Let me know if you have any designs or ideas you would like to see on a shirt that encompasses The Faith League Brand. 

Remember, together, we are spiritually fit and athletically fierce. Our community is a source of strength, encouragement, and inspiration. Let's rise stronger in 2024, supporting one another every step of the way. 

Stay in the loop with our latest designs as they launch on our website, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @thefaithleaguellc.   

We want to hear your stories. How did you overcome the challenges of 2023 and what you're looking forward to in 2024? Share your triumphs, your hopes, and your aspirations with us in the comments below or on social media using #FaithLeagueStrong. 

Stay strong and stay faithful,  


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